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Welcome to Epphaven Silver, named after my favourite Cornish cove. I create ocean inspired jewellery using 100% recycled 925 sterling silver and gold - and sea glass of course!

I design and craft your jewellery from my Cornish studio, gathering inspiration from the natural world - specifically the many beautiful and rugged beaches across Devon and Cornwall.  I love all of the curiosities that can be found in rock pools and along the shoreline and you will find breadcrumbs from my beachcombing in my designs. From the movement in my wavelet design, to utilising the natural imperfections of a shell in a casting.

I can often be found along the Cornish coast gathering sea glass with my studio assistant, Ben the collie dog. We have amassed a huge (and stunning!) collection of genuine Cornish sea glass, which I use as the centrepiece in many of my designs.

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I use the highest quality materials. Every piece of sea glass is hand-picked by me on Cornwall's beaches, having been tossed and tumbled in the ocean for up to 200 years. I like to keep the natural shape of the glass in its raw beauty, due to this and the nature of the way it is created every piece is completely unique.

Being on the beach so often has made the human impact on our coastline more apparent than ever. I always try to pick up as much litter as I can whilst searching for your jewellery treasures and source eco-friendly packaging. 

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